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Best Vastu consultant ever
Thanks to Dinesh Guru, our home feels like a sanctuary after his Vastu consultation. Highly recommended!
Sirisha Thapa
Found Best Consultant
Transformative experience with Dinesh Sir Vastu services. Noticed positive changes immediately!
Suniti Agrawal
Working with a Vastu consultant turned out to be very profitable for my Business Skeptical turned believer! Shuvam Vasstu Service exceeded expectations with their tailored Vastu solutions.
Khagaraj Regmi

What is Morden And Scientific Vastu? आधुनिक तथा वैज्ञानिक वास्तु भनेको के हो ?

Modern and Scientific Vastu is a concept that blends traditional Vastu principles with modern design and scientific understanding.

आधुनिक तथा वैज्ञानिक वास्तु वैदिक वस्तु शास्त्रको परिस्कृत धारणा हो जसले परम्परागत वास्तु सिद्धान्तहरूलाई आधुनिक डिजाइन र वैज्ञानिक मान्यता संग समन्वय गर्ने गर्दछ।

What is the main perspective of Vastu? । वास्तुको मुख्य दृष्टिकोण के हो?

के वास्तु गर्नै पर्छ ? Do you have to do Vastu?

What is Vastu Dosh diagnosis?